Daimyo - No Days Off feat. Humpasaur Jones

from We Are World Around, Vol. 2 by World Around Records



After Napster, kids today are thinking it’s a different game
actually, you’re only going broker on a bigger stage
embrace it, failure’s a given these days
shit, I live in the shade of every bad decision I’ve made
playing loose with my crazy youth, hoping it sticks
before I’m finally forced to notice I’m too old for this shit
you got a nine to five, I got a monday to sunday
and a mouth that can mangle your drunk face off one taste
but I don’t give a F how you handle your B
cuz everything is complicated in the Land of the Free
I’m not leading a movement, or even keeping ideas congruent
if I wrote it, all I know is I needed to do it
nothing too elaborate, unraveling some stupid habits
brainstorming better tools to screw the fascists with…
I’ve been told I’m not supposed to do it all
but I guess I’m too evolved with my superhuman balls, huh?
this is not a cult, kid...all swamis can suck it
goes nature, beauty and truth...God’s not in the budget
sacrificed half my life getting my name out
but instead of a breakdown, I’m just never awake now
we’ve all got excuses, a generation walking wounded
I’m fucking lucky all I want is honest music
I’ve been to the dark side, it’s nothing but smart guys
who sold out at the first sign of some hard times
we’ve got no name for it, control whole languages
privatize the profits, socialize the blame for it
that’s how they always fuck us, right? nobody’s responsible
but if you wanna fix it, that’s totally impossible
why is that conformity is only cutting one way?
assholes, fuck faces and corrupt racists
you know a few, only doing what they’re told to do
inside, though, they know the truth, eyes like an open wound
that dead smile, nah, that predatory threat smile
squeaky clean evil gleam beaming out your head smile
the sickest part is how they never even see it
people feeding demons and believing they believe in Jesus
here I am, throwing stones when I got no right
I know, right? hard enough carving up your own life
when your brain is designed to find the easiest ways to get by
we stay crazy instead of changing our minds
so I’m not blaming you for making brainless moves
I break shit, too—but I’m aiming to escape this zoo
playing loose with my crazy youth, hoping it sticks
before I’m finally forced to notice I’m too old for this shit


from We Are World Around, Vol. 2, released January 12, 2012
Recorded and Mixed by Custom




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