Louis Mackey & Dr. Quandary - Ghosts of the Commonwealth

from We Are World Around, Vol. 4 by World Around Records



Produced by Dr. Quandary, lyrics by Louis Mackey, this is the release of the third installment of the two's joint project Epyllions.


they came here and left it wasted
they left blank stares and empty faces
and that takes years of decimation
they’re only unanimous in our hatred
death by the same song over and over
letting it play on past the smoke and the smoulder
now the sun ray’s gone, alone and we earned it
as the days got colder and colder

it goes a nine hour shift, then three in the lab
seeming powerless and out of it, peeling the scabs
and from November to May I can’t remember the day
the lonely life of only nights when you enter the fray
floating over the town suspended in space
in a solitude I’m often too tempted to stay
walking through the Commons in the deafening rain
even so my promise land is a desert today
somewhere on my path I swerved, deserted the Goddess
it happens, the words get absurdly hypnotic
mashed into a hash-blend of circular logic
and i return to the this darkness....
but I imagined more than this maybe not happiness or bliss
but more than back and forth abyss
we’re better than superstition
than consumers ridden with stupid wishes for useless shit

they came here and left it wasted
they left blank stares and empty faces
and that takes years of preparation
they’re only unanimous in their hatred
death by plain indifference, a gradual slide
and the sense I could’ve fixed it in the back of my mind
a planet full of victims can’t react to the crime
just stand here as a witness as it’s passing me by

hard to eat your breakfast when you see the disease and wreckage
little feet beneath some blankets
so-called enemies at different places on the globe
faces you’ll never see... pain you’ll never know
what if the noble lie is true and straight?
then everything I ever strive to do is vain
… these flying days going by in ember smoke
ride the train, see hopeless eyes never close
somber faces contemplate god’s creation
when they lost their place and how that’s all related
that’s contraband and what the throbbing heart envies
I’ve got no answers cuz they’re probably aren’t any
truth can be adjusted, the pleasure enhanced
no belief in justice just the mismeasure of man
… stars out in the distance, galaxies twistin’
and the sound of the hourless engine


from We Are World Around, Vol. 4, released January 5, 2014
Produced and mixed by Dr. Quandary
Lyrics written by Louis Mackey




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