Daytime Auguries

by Louis Mackey

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This relentlessly funky followup to "Magician in the Mountain" features Louis Mackey behind both the boards and microphone. Since the loss of our iconic "VAULT 46" studio space, Lou has been rebuilding and by the sounds of this track right here? Construction is completed.


never not ready, forever rock steady
not even thee D E T clever cops get meh
they're stepping outta vans with weapons in their hands
but its nothing kid cuz I dipped seconds in advance on some “Catch Me If You Can”
expenditures and plans, messages from fans Texas to Japan
… got threats from executives in France
but you can view the of birth of the universe etched into my hands
yeah, I did a lot of bitching ... young in denial
so I figured I could listen like … once in a while
though switching my position really wasn’t my style, though
so I fit it where it fit in, I’ll let YOU wander around
De Sade with a day job and I’ll live it like my Last Day
… break laws both physical and man made
.. I get chainsawed and fix it with a bandaid
giggling with my brain out, limping with a smashed face

(chorus break)

… mawl this raw production
they never saw it coming like when the Wall St Market plummets
so what if our constant suffering’s all for nothing?
some product puppets got you buzzing, excited to bleed
… vitamin C deficiency
the bleak misery ... of a straight week winter freeze
no God to give a shit, no sweet epiphany
this is probably it, college kids, all these shitty drinks
… frigid streets at six degrees
and symphonies of byzantine reasons we’re not getting g’s
so let the wicked sleep …
while we’re sweating it out in the Adrenaline House, forever in doubt
the stoic kids broke as shit and Death isn’t proud
it’s indifferent like the system that’s spitting you out
so set it up … and I’ll be done when I get a buzz
and watch now become a past that never was


released October 15, 2014
Produced, Performed, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Louis Mackey
cover art courtesy of Memetic Supply Co.




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