We Are World Around, Vol. 2

by World Around Records

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Erik Lutsch
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Erik Lutsch Unreleased is a sad term for most of the work here; it feels like most of these could be singles. Favorite track: Bone China.
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A belated Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us at World Around and our extended family! Join us while we gear up for 2012 with this collection of 19 new and previously unreleased tracks from the our whole roster and a gang of very special guests.


released January 12, 2012

executive produced by Kyle Tierce & Justin Boland
additional mixing on all tracks by Justin Boland





World Around Records

Independent web label slinging alternative hip-hop of the vocal & instrumental varieties from 2006 to 2016.

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Track Name: Daimyo - No Days Off feat. Humpasaur Jones
After Napster, kids today are thinking it’s a different game
actually, you’re only going broker on a bigger stage
embrace it, failure’s a given these days
shit, I live in the shade of every bad decision I’ve made
playing loose with my crazy youth, hoping it sticks
before I’m finally forced to notice I’m too old for this shit
you got a nine to five, I got a monday to sunday
and a mouth that can mangle your drunk face off one taste
but I don’t give a F how you handle your B
cuz everything is complicated in the Land of the Free
I’m not leading a movement, or even keeping ideas congruent
if I wrote it, all I know is I needed to do it
nothing too elaborate, unraveling some stupid habits
brainstorming better tools to screw the fascists with…
I’ve been told I’m not supposed to do it all
but I guess I’m too evolved with my superhuman balls, huh?
this is not a cult, kid...all swamis can suck it
goes nature, beauty and truth...God’s not in the budget
sacrificed half my life getting my name out
but instead of a breakdown, I’m just never awake now
we’ve all got excuses, a generation walking wounded
I’m fucking lucky all I want is honest music
I’ve been to the dark side, it’s nothing but smart guys
who sold out at the first sign of some hard times
we’ve got no name for it, control whole languages
privatize the profits, socialize the blame for it
that’s how they always fuck us, right? nobody’s responsible
but if you wanna fix it, that’s totally impossible
why is that conformity is only cutting one way?
assholes, fuck faces and corrupt racists
you know a few, only doing what they’re told to do
inside, though, they know the truth, eyes like an open wound
that dead smile, nah, that predatory threat smile
squeaky clean evil gleam beaming out your head smile
the sickest part is how they never even see it
people feeding demons and believing they believe in Jesus
here I am, throwing stones when I got no right
I know, right? hard enough carving up your own life
when your brain is designed to find the easiest ways to get by
we stay crazy instead of changing our minds
so I’m not blaming you for making brainless moves
I break shit, too—but I’m aiming to escape this zoo
playing loose with my crazy youth, hoping it sticks
before I’m finally forced to notice I’m too old for this shit
Track Name: Algorhythms - Precious Little Time
look, forgive me if I play my cards close to my chest
I learned to plan for the worst and hope for the best
the only real reason for humans making music
is to clearly, honestly communicate true shit
universal blueprints for worldwide movements
I'm not saying I have it, but I probably got a few hints
packing the room, cuz that's what I do
and I got precious little time left to pass it to you

we tested out the weaponry, what's left to see
is how your trajectory connects to me, eventually
rock keg parties in Vermont with a band
watch it expand, reinvest the profits in land
yeah right, last night we didn't even get paid
but the people who came are the real reason we play
I love where I live and I build with my team
to make motherfucking sure that our children are free
home school pro tools, raise my kids right
meditation masters trained in fist fights
practice tai chi, let their mind breathe,
leaving time free to dance and climb trees
the happiest child stays active and wild
and can't even speak a sound without cracking a smile
I don't have to believe it, I've been there and seen it
this is dedicated to Obie, Chekie, Eden
and Aidan, the next generation to balance the equation

at seventeen, I didn't know what dedication was
so I made it up, building scar tissue out of paper cuts
I wrote what I lived, right? you spit what you know
the problem is, then you’ve gotta live what you wrote
art is a curse, I could make a billion dollars a verse
and still be losing sleep trying to polish my work
and living with the nothing that my knowledge is worth
at least rapping for a living’s got some obvious perks
but when you're sleeping in a bag on a stranger's floor
you see freedom is a trap and go insane on tour
big on contradiction, figured you could handle it
thinking like a business, drinking like an anarchist
yeah, right, last night we didn't even get paid
but all the people who came are the real reason we play
I love where I live and I build with my team
to make motherfucking sure that our children are free